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Going to Paris?

Whether you have been to the beautiful city of Paris, or going for the first time, to help you get the best experience, you must visit: Please see below for all that has to offer for the Paris … Continue reading

Hotel Beaux Arts Miami’s Exclusive Masterpiece

I felt about one million nerves run wild through my body as I slammed on the brakes of my car and pounded on the horn. My heart was racing, palms sweating, and I was lost because I couldn’t quite pay … Continue reading

Whitney Houston dies at 48. Whitney Seen “Shaky” and “Wasted” Two Nights Before Her Death

The shocking and unexpected death of Whitney Houston, 48, on Saturday February 11 struggled with drug and alcohol abuse in her adult life and was seen making a bizarre appearance just two evenings before the day of her death. At … Continue reading

Blue Ivy Carter Photos: Beyonce and Jay Z’s Daughter

Here she is and she is so beautiful! What a blessing for Beyonce and Jay Z!                  

Friday 6 Pick

TGIF! That is for sure. I don’t know about you, but it seems like this month is flying by. Then again, February is a short month and it’s in between that weird Winter/Spring season. We’re not quite sure what to … Continue reading

Do You Know the Meanings of These Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Us women, we love flowers on Valentines day! Well, we love flowers any time of the year, but our men know (hopefully) that this is the one day out of the year that we need them! All flowers are beautiful … Continue reading

Detoxing Your Skin: Essentials for Maintaining Your Complexion

No, no, no. Detoxing isn’t ONLY for your liver! ( I know that’s what you were thinking). Believe it or not, your skin is your body’s largest organ of elimination and detoxification. Have you ever wondered why your skin experiences … Continue reading

A 15.5 Pound Baby, Chun Chun, Breaks Records In China

What is cuter then a chubby baby? Well, welcome Chun Chun (who has to be the cutest baby alive).  A 15.5-pound baby born in the city of Xinxiang in China’s Henan Province. Chun Chun has set the record for the … Continue reading

Ioana Spangenberg: Human Hourglass by Nature?

When Romanian model, Iona Sapangenberg’s photos went viral around Internet this week, she landed the name, “Human Hourglass” for her Barbie-like 32-20-32 figure. Sapangenberg, 30, currently resides in Germany, and insists that her 20-inch waist is completely natural and has … Continue reading

Season 2 of the Kourtney Kardashian Baby Bump

Keeping Up With the Kardashians previous season made us fall even more in love with Kourtney and Scott’s 2 year old son, Mason.  So much, that we just can’t wait to see the other little one on the way. In … Continue reading

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