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Road Trip to the Best Beaches in Florida

Florida is known for it’s theme parks, swaying palm trees and sparkling oceans. If you’re in Orlando, Fla, you’re in luck. The best thing about Orlando is that you are right in the middle of two major bodies of water … Continue reading

The Truth About Being a Travel Writer

Travel writing may seem like the dream job to most people. In most cases, they’re right. Being a travel writer has more “perks” then just about any other job and when you think about it, traveling and writing for a … Continue reading

New York City Rooftop Garden Bar and Restaurant: 230 Fifth

Either day or night, there is no better time of day to enjoy a rooftop garden in New York City. With crystal clear views of Manhattan and endless amounts of entertainment, rooftop gardens/bars/restaurants are some of the best destinations to … Continue reading

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PGA National Resort & Spa: An All-Inclusive Experience

 I’ve lived in Florida my whole life.  There is nothing that screams “Florida” more then palm trees, warm sunshine, endless miles of powdery beaches, luxurious attractions, and world famous golf courses. That is the Florida I know and love. However, … Continue reading