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Eating Todd English’s Olives in New York City

With over a dozen restaurants, four cookbooks and a reputation for being one of the best celebrity chefs of our time, I am forever grateful that I finally had the chance to eat at Todd English’s well known restaurant, Olives, … Continue reading

PBFW: The First Day of the Best Day

Imagine a night where you can place yourself into the atmosphere of your choice. Where would you go? Who would you be with and what would you be doing? In my world, a night of elegance, beautiful people, artistic cuisine … Continue reading

2012 Pebble Beach Food and Wine…Here I Come!

5 1/2 hours north of Los Angeles through the hills, valleys, and vineyards of California (and a few cups of Starbucks to get me through the ride) is where my journey started to the Fifth Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine … Continue reading

Hotel Beaux Arts Miami’s Exclusive Masterpiece

I felt about one million nerves run wild through my body as I slammed on the brakes of my car and pounded on the horn. My heart was racing, palms sweating, and I was lost because I couldn’t quite pay … Continue reading

Friday 6 Pick

TGIF! That is for sure. I don’t know about you, but it seems like this month is flying by. Then again, February is a short month and it’s in between that weird Winter/Spring season. We’re not quite sure what to … Continue reading

Detoxing Your Skin: Essentials for Maintaining Your Complexion

No, no, no. Detoxing isn’t ONLY for your liver! ( I know that’s what you were thinking). Believe it or not, your skin is your body’s largest organ of elimination and detoxification. Have you ever wondered why your skin experiences … Continue reading

Red O Restaurant: Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Los Angeles

I love Mexican food. I love all food actually, but there is something about Mexican cuisine that really tickles my taste buds and always leaves me craving tacos, enchiladas, or a warm tortilla filled with moist black beans, seasoned chicken, … Continue reading

Eating Your Stress: Steps to Stop Stress Eating

 Let’s face it. You work hard, you have so many responsibilities to face every day and the last thing you’re worrying about is what food you’re putting in your body. So you eat your feelings.  It’s normal to feel overwhelmed … Continue reading

St. Maarten: A Little Piece of Europe in the Caribbean

There’s something special about the term “paradise.” I often wonder how most refer to the term, although your definition is most likely quite similar to mine.  It could be any place that takes you far away from your worries, stress, … Continue reading

The Search for the Best Pizza in Orlando

What can I say? I’m an Italian girl raised by true New York Italians. We don’t mess around when it comes to food and coming from a family who knows good New York City pizza, we mean business. If you … Continue reading

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