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The Truth About Being a Travel Writer

Travel writing may seem like the dream job to most people. In most cases, they’re right. Being a travel writer has more “perks” then just about any other job and when you think about it, traveling and writing for a … Continue reading

New York City Rooftop Garden Bar and Restaurant: 230 Fifth

Either day or night, there is no better time of day to enjoy a rooftop garden in New York City. With crystal clear views of Manhattan and endless amounts of entertainment, rooftop gardens/bars/restaurants are some of the best destinations to … Continue reading

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PGA National Resort & Spa: An All-Inclusive Experience

 I’ve lived in Florida my whole life.  There is nothing that screams “Florida” more then palm trees, warm sunshine, endless miles of powdery beaches, luxurious attractions, and world famous golf courses. That is the Florida I know and love. However, … Continue reading

Best Spring Break Destinations 2013

Director of Marketing for Travel Media Group, Pete Scott, shares great destinations to travel this Spring on NBC 6 Miami. He went on to mention Drive The Nation as a great travel resource to find great tips and destinations. … Continue reading

Best All Around Cruise Line

Between the endless amounts of food to the nonstop entertainment, cruises are one of the best forms of vacation in our day and age. What better feeling is there then being able to lock your wallet up in your room, … Continue reading

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Going to the Rodeo? Take a look around!

Cowboys, cattle, country….who doesn’t love a rodeo? Actually, not that Rodeo! I’m talking about the palm trees, Bentleys, and endless rows of exquisite shopping. Rodeo Dr., in Beverly Hills, CA, of course! I’ve come across quite a few people in … Continue reading

Adventures to the Hollywood Sign

Ahhh, the Hollywood hills!  I love the energy that comes naturally from a hike up through the mountains of Los Angeles. More specifically, Bronson Canyon, which leads right to the most incredible view of the world famous Hollywood sign. If … Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013: Miami, FL (Video)

Here we are again! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is gracing their presence on my blog yet again, but I can’t wait to post each and every time. I do love seeing the Spring, Fall and Winter fashion trends on the runways … Continue reading

Hiking the Best of Malibu: Circle X Ranch

With an aching body, hunger, thirst, and a strenuous 2 hours hike up one of Malibu’s most beautiful trails, Circle X Ranch, our destination was found at this rocky waterfall which was a perfect landing place to relax, reflect and rejuvenate … Continue reading

Best NYC Spa: AURA Wellness Spa

Aside from the simple pleasures of womanhood, such as fashion, make-up, chocolate and travel, I must admit to you that the highest pleasure on that list is where you can find a long day at the spa. If any modern … Continue reading

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