Destination Hotel Spa-Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach

When planning a trip to a different city, the chosen destination is usually related to work or just planning a vacation for a few days. Depending on where you choose to travel, there’s always something unique about that destination that attracts you to it. Whether you’re laying under a palm tree in the Caribbean or skiing down a mountain in Park City, Utah, the attraction pulling you is almost always about what the city has to offer. During my travels, I decided to change it up a bit and travel to a hotel as the primary destination, regardless of the city it was in. During my search, I came across a hotel unlike any other I’ve seen in my previous travels, Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach. When reading about the concept of this hotel, I found that it was not so much a hotel, but a health and wellness retreat conveniently located in the heart of South Florida.
Aside being a luxury hotel with breathtaking views of Miami Beach, Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa is more than a place; it’s an experience that puts you in a healthy state of mind and promotes wellness for a better way of life. For more than 30 years, Canyon Ranch has been encouraging people to live healthier and more joyful lives through, nutrition, stress management, fitness and wellness. At Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, you will find health spas, luxury day spas, daily health and fitness classes and a completely organic cuisine being the perfect balance you’ll need to feel relaxed and rejuvenated for a memorable escape from the stress of everyday life.
If there is one aspect of this hotel that classifies it as a “destination,” it would be the spa experience. Without prior knowledge of Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, I was in for quite a surprise as I walked into an establishment called the “Aquavana” spa. Being a unique spa environment, the Aquavana is rooted back to a European way of therapeutic healing. The belief that water movement and temperature variations provide relief to muscle and joint complications creates an elevated sense of relaxation. Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa has provided its guests with a complete suite of European-inspired advanced therapeutic cyro (cold) and thermo (hot) cabins and pools for a spa experience with positive effects for the body and soul. The Aquavana includes:

Herbal Laconium- A warm, misty ceramic-tiled room with heated individual seating thrones and color-changing fiber optic ceiling.

HydroSpa- A variety of body jets provide gentle massage to the body in the optimal temperature for rebalancing an release

Thermal Heated Loungers- Keeps muscles warm and relaxed as you lie back between thermal experiences.

Finnish Sauna- A classic, wood lined dry heat sauna.

Crystal Steam Room- A large natural crystal and optical effects providing a meditative focus as you soak up steam enhanced with essential oils.

Igloo- Cool air and three Arctic Mist experiences-your choice of menthol, mint, or eucalyptus-enhanced by twinkling fiber optics.

Experiential Rains- Invigorating, multisensory cooling rains from Polar Mist, Atlantic Storm or Caribbean Monsoon with thunder and lightening effects.

Atlantic Spa- Rooftop hydrospa enhanced by ocean views and beach pebbles.

It’s easy to spend an hour or an entire day discovering the benefits and pleasures of the Aquavana environment. With spectacular settings, luxurious accommodations, healthy and organic cuisine, and a warm staff welcoming you to a haven for mind, body and spirit, this hotel is a destination completely dedicated to changing your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Read more about Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa and be sure to visit The Canyon Ranch Facebook and Twitter pages.

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